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View Diary: Dean calls Cheney "Aaron Burr" on Face The Nation (358 comments)

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  •  that is, until, (4.00)
    cheney shoots someone on the same day howard dean called him burr...

    you can rearrange my face but you can't rearrange my mind -8.63,-7.28

    by mediaprisoner on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 01:05:24 PM PST

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    •  I actually thought that Cheney (none)
      heard on his headphones that Dean had compared him to Aaron Burr and nearly demanded that he step down, and THEN Cheney fired off his shotgun and hit his hunting companion. "What the--" BAM! While I sympathize with the poor old man Cheney hit, I still had to crack up, just imagining that scene.

      I don't suppose old Deferment Dick has learned anything about violence from this close call. Gee, was he shooting a migrating bird? Can't help wondering...

      "That story is not worth the paper it's rotten on"--Dorothy Parker

      by martyc35 on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 02:20:55 PM PST

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      •  i admit it (none)
        i saw in the breaking thing on msnbc "cheney," "shot," and i looked quickly for "self."

        you can rearrange my face but you can't rearrange my mind -8.63,-7.28

        by mediaprisoner on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 02:27:05 PM PST

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      •  Don't sympathize... (none)
        martyc35 wrote:
        ...While I sympathize with the poor old man Cheney hit...
        He's most likely a Bush Pioneer. <puke>
        •  Well, (none)
          just what kind of partisan are you? I felt sympathy for the man's pain and misery, not for his political party. Try thinking of how you might feel if some bastard like Cheney had shot you in the cheek and jowl with lead-infested bird-shot. Jesus. You might have won me over, if you hadn't been so stubbornly rigid. I'll stop there for fear of saying something I shouldn't say.
          •  Sorry, (none)
            it was meant to be a bit snarky.

            But Cheney's hunting buddies list reads like a Who's Who of the worst of the bad in the wingnut heirarchy. I have a feeling that there's not a "nice person" on the whole list. Most likely they're people who enjoy the killing and maiming of Iraqi children by US airstrikes, have contempt, as Cheney seems to, for those Americans who didn't "have other priorities" and are bravely serving in his war, take sadistic pleasure in the misery of the American poor, and will go to any length to eliminate environmental protection measures, as long as their insular little pheasant preserve stays just as they like it.

            Scalia's on that list too.

            •  Okay, then (none)
              snarky it is. You are no doubt correct that there aren't many nice people in that list. I guess Joe Lieberman can't go hunting because the meat wouldn't be kosher, but he'd probably be on that list otherwise.

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