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View Diary: Dean calls Cheney "Aaron Burr" on Face The Nation (358 comments)

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  •  Sorry, (none)
    it was meant to be a bit snarky.

    But Cheney's hunting buddies list reads like a Who's Who of the worst of the bad in the wingnut heirarchy. I have a feeling that there's not a "nice person" on the whole list. Most likely they're people who enjoy the killing and maiming of Iraqi children by US airstrikes, have contempt, as Cheney seems to, for those Americans who didn't "have other priorities" and are bravely serving in his war, take sadistic pleasure in the misery of the American poor, and will go to any length to eliminate environmental protection measures, as long as their insular little pheasant preserve stays just as they like it.

    Scalia's on that list too.

    •  Okay, then (none)
      snarky it is. You are no doubt correct that there aren't many nice people in that list. I guess Joe Lieberman can't go hunting because the meat wouldn't be kosher, but he'd probably be on that list otherwise.

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