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  •  When did they buy the news media?? (4.00)
    Which corporate merger tipped the scales? Somewhere, journalists stopped being about news and started being about protecting financial interests.

    We don't rage enough.

    •  Since the owners of the newspapers (4.00)
      and networks decided to be more concerned about profits and took over other media outlets. I hate to disappoint anyone, but, news media of any kind do not represent the will of the people, they represent corporate profit interests. Knight Ridder, the NYTs and WAPO are not non-profit organizations. If it suits their stockholders and sponsors, they will appeal to that aspect and market their product accordingly.
      •  They don't do news (4.00)
        they do whatever it takes to make money.  News never made money.  What's happened in the past twenty-five or thirty years is that the news corporations were taken over by guys who learned their trade in business school, where the point (and the only point) is making money.  There are a lot of ways to make money, but among the legal ones are shaving quality, cutting inputs, checking to see if the competition gains market share when you do, and when they don't do more cutting.

        Treating the news purely as a business was sooner or later to drag everything down to the level of discourse that makes you buy a Pontiac rather than a Ford. It's all marketing.  That's what they learned in business school.

        •  Most reporters (none)
          at ground-level are more liberal than their bosses.

          Not that they feel empowered to do anything about it.

          Those that aren't liberal are generally just out of college and are clueless.

          I saw a lot of this. One of my colleagues in the newsroom, a Temple grad, said she "didn't know much" about Bush but was voting for him because Kerry "seemed stuck up and elitist."

          Based on no facts at all. She neither read widely nor had much of an inquiring mind.

          But boy, could she churn out copy. I bet she'll go far.

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