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  •  Wikipedia sez (4.00)
    that Vice President Raul Castro is 74.  Fidel is 79.  I don't know who is expected to succeed Raul or if there's even a process in place.

    I can't imagine that converting Cuba to a Swedish-style paradise has been made easier by the Bush Administration's penchant for turning island nations associated with the U.S. into slave wage territories.  (Talk to Jack Abramoff about that.)  As an Amnesty Int'l type I expect that I might well be in jail if I lived in Cuba, but I also expect that if I weren't I would be very wary about "help" for my society coming from the U.S.

    Sixteen scandals in my heart will glow: click "A is for Abramoff"

    by Major Danby on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 06:05:51 PM PST

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