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  •  Well.... (4.00)
    I didn't support Desert Storm. I didn't think it was necessary...I actually thought that Bush I helped create the situation just so we could go to war. I was only 13.5 perhaps I didn't know everything.

    I DID and still do however respect the fact that Bush I got together a coalition and got UN support, etc. etc. And at least he didn't "half-ass it".

    I also never thought of the Soviet Union as an evil empire...and I never really thought communism was a bad thing. But again, I was young, and the Berlin wall came down when I was like it didn't seem like a big deal. Looking at history though...obviously communism isn't all that great...and the Soviet Union wasn't in cahoots with our government to try to create fear and therefore boost a sort of war-time economy without exactly having a war (yes...I've been a paranoid conspiracy person my whole life...even when I was a kid:) lol...don't worry won't see me touting conspiracy theories as truth here...I'm aware I have no evidence and never will...but that doesn't mean I can't be suspicious).

    I still (now that I'm 28 and quite versed in Marxism) think communism is a good idea...but I also think it's never been put into practice successfully (although neither has Democracy), and I doubt it ever will.

    I didn't know you were so centrist, Armando:)

    Funny how "to the left" you seem due to Bush Jr.....I probably look like Karl Marx himself to these folks!

    •  I tell people that I am a Radicalized (none)

      Bush 43 did this to me.

      The SCOTUS is extraordinary.

      by Armando on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 06:16:44 PM PST

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    •  If you don't think the Soviet Empire was evil (none)
      then you haven't been paying attention. Solzhenitsyn single handedly pulled out the cornerstone of rightousness of that empire all by himself with his incomparable Gulag history.

      Also the American Victor Herman who went their as a boy of 16. His story will finish off your idealism. It took him 45 years to get back to the US. And he spent the last 10 years of his life trying to get The Grey People out of there,Americans who went there voluntarily to build a plant for Ford and who were never allowed to come home.

      And Ford never paid him the money he(Henry Ford) promised his father (who died there)and hired lawyers to fight his request when he returned. They delayed it so long he died before it was over and his widow never got it. She now lives in senior housing and has no money. She is his Siberian wife from his exile period after 10 years in the camps.

      Galina and I have written a screenplay on Victor's life.

      •  Oh no....I didn't say that (none)
        I don't think they were evil....I said that when I was a kid I didn't think they were evil...not because of communism anyway. Of that I'm older...I'm aware of the history (while before I wasn't) I'm aware of the murder, etc. etc.

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