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  •  No skill set for diplomacy (none)
    The lack of skill set is shocking isn't it? I was thinking about this the other day: who would lead a high-level delegation? The regime has either dumped or given the good people the cause to move-on, that there must be very few left.

    Nevertheless, I think it goes beyond the lack of ability. The current administration has decided on a "package" that is highly dependent on the cowboy, guns blazing image. Having demonized anyone who wants to conduct dialogue, they have purposely fostered the unilateral pose. Thus, while they have been sliding through a few back-doors lately for second-party conversation, they will not, prehaps cannot, give up what they see as their trump card.

    Sadly, they have politicized foreign policy to such an extent that they willingly sacrificed the security of our nation and others. Last night, Clark appeared on CSpan interviewing an author about the end of humanitarian intervention. When the next crisis arises, real crisis, it is doubtful that our nation will have the mindset to intervene. For any Rwanda in the future, bush, by framing Iraq as a struggle to help people fight a ruthless dictator, has condemned many others to death.

    I'm rambling now...sorry. This is a very fine diary. Thx.

    The American People want their security protected, and they also want a Constitutional government with checks and balances-Wes Clark

    by Donna Z on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 06:21:17 PM PST

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    •  Diplomacy requires the ability to listen (none)
      to those who have contrary views and goals. Bush has never been willing to listen to an opinion that does not support his own. Nor has he been able to disguise his infamous sneer, so evident during the debates, when confronted with information that he does not wish to hear. Bush simply turns people off and is extremely obvious about his contempt for them. It is perhaps not so out of character for someone as immature as Bush. He is as ill-suited for this job as he is ill-tempered with dissenters. It is remarkable that his friends and family did not try to discourage him from running for President, a position which requires a great deal of tact and diplomacy. We have had boorish Presidents from time to time. However, even those administrations had at least one skilled diplomat to deal with foreign relations. The Bush White House does not even consider this a defect. Somehow, they believe that arrogance and abrasiveness are diplomatic assets.

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