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  •  don't get mad... (none)
    ..get even.  

    It's time to turn the tables on the REAL traitors:  the Cheney's, the Bush's, the scions of these multinationalist dogs.  

    Bush I's presidency shouldn't be commended in any way whatsoever IMO.  He laid the groudwork for the neo-con fascists.  His Holy Drug Crusade, not to mention his involvement with the contras and the introduction of crack into California, will land Bush I a prime spot in Hell at Satan's right hand.

    As to the getting even, after witnessing the techniques of the neo-cons, of the Newt Gingriches, of those foul Class of 94 repub wretches, of those who call everyone but themselves traitors, liberals and non neo-fascists must understand that we have to operate down in the gutter with the Republicans...

    ...gutter politics is the only response to gutter politics, otherwise you are seen as taking it in the ass or laughed at for an elitist "proper" response to a slap in the face...

    sorry for long response, good article...

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