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  •  Woefully unprepared? (4.00)
    Nearly a century of western intervention in both Iraq and Kuwait led to Gulf War I.

    Most of us know the U.S. possesses satellites able to read the license plate on a Toyota pick-up.  I will never buy the line that Iraq's invasion of Kuwait was a 'surprise' to anyone in D.C. I will go further.  I do not believe that the convoy of Iraqi tanks and armored vehicles that drove over the Kuwait border was not observed, and that the initial killing invasion of Kuwait was not 'allowed' to take place as an excuse to go after Iraq.  Let us not forget that sanctions after the first Gulf I slaughter led to the deaths of half a million Iraq children, leading Madeline Albright to conclude that it was all "was worth the price."  Gulf War I was indeed a down payment on $$trillions of dollars worth of energy.

    I base my conclusions on a reading of the history between Iraq, Kuwait and the Western powers.  While no text written can get to the truth on the ground, there is enough comment in front of us from both western and middle eastern thinkers to allow us to think.

    For anyone who wants to understand why the West went after its earlier 'comrade' Hussein, here's a short history with references, written prior to the current occupation of Iraq.  

    It is about oil, it has always been about oil, and it will be about oil until the last Iraqi drop is dry.

    Further, it is about oil in Iran.

    I'm sorry Armando, but there is no glory in Gulf War I.

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