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View Diary: From a surgeon: What Cheney's victim may be facing (280 comments)

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  •  Thank you for sharing your expertise. (none)
    Do you agree that the known fact he is admitted to an Intensive Care Unit tells us volumes? If he did not require acute life support services, he wouldn't be in the ICU -- Correct ?
    •  Although, given who is involved... (4.00)
      the victim might be in the ICU, not because he needs to be, but because it keeps him secluded from the public view.

      I really hope, for his sake, that his injuries were relatively minor, that most of the pattern missed him, and he's just being treated in the ICU for political reasons.

      But I also hope that if that's not the case, the truth comes out.

      Folly is fractal: the closer you look at it, the more of it there is. - TNH

      by Canadian Reader on Mon Feb 13, 2006 at 01:39:24 PM PST

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      •  Anything is possible, I suppose, (none)
        but I find it difficult to believe this hospital would allow its ICU to be utilized for anything other than the most serious medical purposes.

        It also seems extremely far-fetched to me that this prominent, wealthy attorney would consent  to be in the ICU if he did, in fact, not need that level of care.

        •  This is Texas we're talking about, right? (4.00)
          A small-town hospital? And some Very Very Very Important People? With the Secret Service throwing its weight around, not even letting the local Sheriff talk to Cheney?

          I don't know. Maybe I've totally misread the way things work down there. Could be. My total personal experience of Texas is driving through it a couple of times. But...

          Let's just say it doesn't stretch my incredulity a whole bunch that the hospital could have been leaned on.

          As for the prominent, wealthy attorney's preferences -- he's not the alpha male here. He's part of the machine, he has a past and a future to protect here, and if he's not badly hurt he'll most likely do and say whatever he is told to do and say.

          Folly is fractal: the closer you look at it, the more of it there is. - TNH

          by Canadian Reader on Mon Feb 13, 2006 at 02:42:09 PM PST

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          •  Yeah. maybe, (none)
            but I am suggesting the man could be more seriously injured than has been reported, which seems a more likely explanation, and would also be consistent with the SOP of lies, lies and more lies.

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