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View Diary: From a surgeon: What Cheney's victim may be facing (280 comments)

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  •  The press is reporting that (4.00)
    he was discharged from the ICU, in fact I have even read he was only admitted to the ICU "as a precaution."  My guess is that a guy who gets shot by the VP is going to get the red carpet treatment.

    The press is further reporting that he "took pellets in his cheek, neck and chest" as well his "shoulder," and that he was "peppered by shotgun spray."  The hospital said the victim is "not critical, not serious. It's just stable at this time."

    The reports state he had no pellets in his eyes.  

    I appreciate that you were trying to provide some information to readers who are looking for more detail, but I think that your speculation is incorrect.  It might have been better not to speculate at all.

    If people want to make political hay out of this incident, the best tact is to go the route of humour, not to overly dramatize the plight of the victim.  Hunting accidents aren't that rare, and I've heard of much worse (anyone here remember what happened to Greg LeMond?) similar situations.  So joking about this matter is probably the most politically cutting commentary that can be made.

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