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View Diary: WH Press Briefing: Where to begin and WTF? (215 comments)

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  •  What did the Pres know? (4.00)
    As I said on another diary, my favorite question from the press conference (which I watched on C&L also): "When did the President know the Vice President was the shooter?"  Man, we just cannot get away from "24" language with these guys!

    Does anyone else get the impression that Bush was the last person to find out about this?

    And I agree - liquor AND women seem clearly to have been involved.  Why else was the Secret Service preventing the local police from interviewing Cheney about the incident?  Can you say "breathalyser"?

    Angry Black Bitch's blog, by the way, has the best headline for this story: "Duck, Motherf*cker!"

    •  liquor and women (none)
      At last. Plus Clinton's... ah, load never put a man in the hospital.  

      Any chance that Harry Whittington, if indeed that is his real name, was wearing a blue dress?

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