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View Diary: Kos the Sell-Out: Thanks for Nothing, Prick (125 comments)

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  •  hackett wasn't doing any better (4.00)
    against DeWine than Brown was.

    I can't say for Brown vs. Hackett head to head because i haven't found any polls for that yet.

    •  Kos' absurd early predictions (none)
      If you believe Kos' prediction, you're in a lala land again.

      Remember how Kos cited polls after polls to prove there would be a sweep in 04's senate race. Gosh, He was the worst, worst predictor in this business.

      Any early polls are name recognization. Any wishful thinking is just ridiculous. Brown is a typical liberal, he has zero, zero, chance in Ohio even it's ruled by GOP mafia. With Hackett, you can at least expect a fighting chance.

      What a shame, what a loss.

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