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View Diary: Kos the Sell-Out: Thanks for Nothing, Prick (125 comments)

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  •  Hackett gave his word (2.25)
    to the other candidates in 02 that he wouldn't run.  Unlike that shit bag Brown, Hackett's word means something.

    Mike DeWine got re-relected today.

    It takes a second to wreck it. It takes time to build.

    by lando on Mon Feb 13, 2006 at 10:53:54 PM PST

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    •  assuming Hackett would have won the primary (2.00)

      and thats a rather big assumption considering the situation. was it impossible? probably not. Improbable? Yeah.  Even though it was a Brown campaign poll, the only poll i've seen still had Hackett down 2-1, 51 vs. 26. thats a pretty big margin even for poll like that. Plus the fact that Brown had a better infrastructure and a 10 to 1 money advantage.  It wasn't looking good for Hackett.

      •  This is where ideology (none)
        smashes against the reality of politics, where organization and connections count for a lot (maybe too much).  See Kerry v. Dean, Iowa 2004.
        •  i also think (none)
          that the netroots/progressive/left wing...whatever you want to call them...faction of the party greatly overestimate their size.  Have they won a primary battle (that matters) yet?

          Dean lost. Hackett was on the road to losing. We'll obviously see how their other pet candidates do later.  However, thus far, they don't even have a good track record of getting their candidates elected in their own party.

          •  Dean as DNC chairman (none)
            is the one notable victory, and it's a pretty big one.

            But the point stands that the blogosphere overestimates its own power. The echo chamber effect, where the netroots assume that every Democrat and/or liberal subscribes to the online conventional wisdom doesn't help either.

          •  this thread (4.00)
            is totally confusing the hell out of me:

            "netroots/progressive/left wing...whatever you want to call them"

            Uh, isn't that EXACTLY the founding principals of Because you used the word "them" like 5 times. Don't you mean "we?" Or was that a direct way of saying you do not share the stated goals and values of this site?

            •  its a faction of people here (none)
              i'm not sure how to label them. they typically don't appreciate calling them left-wing (though they probably are), but "netroots" or "progressive" is probably too encompasing.

              In anycase, there is a sizeable liberal contingent on here who basically believes that not just a plurality, but a majority of americans believe the same way they do, but they've just been staying home because they haven't been given a good choice.

              Yet, whenever they have the opportunity to supposedly make a good choice, these probably mythical voters still stay home.

              In otherwords, they're overestimating their power and standing within the party.

              •  ok (none)
                thanks for clearing that up, because some of your other posts were much more inflamatory than this, leading me to think you have a sincere disliking for liberals. Being a leftie/netroots kinda guy, I was starting to take exception.

                As for your comments, I respect your opinion but totally disagree with the conclusion you draw. In fact, what "liberal" has actually been given a fighting chance? What "liberal" value has seen the light of day on the floor of the House or Senate, or even been polled on extensively? Howard Dean comes to mind, and he was trashed HEAVILY by establishment dems before the first vote was cast, effectively hobbled by his own party for being too likely to win and not being party to their corporate sponsored republican-lite strategy. The Hackett story mirrors this scenario with one exception. The first time around, when he DIDN'T get the finger by the beltway losers, he came extremely close to winning in a heavy repug district. Kinda tells me our "leadership" is doing their best to ensure what you say is true - that the liberal side of this party is kept silent until, hopefully, we fade away. Hackett took them by surprise the first time around, a mistake they were sure not to make again.

      •  Brown (none)
        might of won the primary.  In that case, DeWine would have been re-elected the night of the primary.   It would have been tough for Hackett to overcome the war chest Brown accumulated from the races for his safe seat.

        It takes a second to wreck it. It takes time to build.

        by lando on Mon Feb 13, 2006 at 11:07:28 PM PST

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    •  what proof do you have (none)
      that Brown broke his word or that, in fact, he is a bag full of fecal matter (moreso than the rest of us that is)

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