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View Diary: Kos the Sell-Out: Thanks for Nothing, Prick (125 comments)

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  •  if anything (none)
    the concern for brown would be that he's too liberal and would scare moderates off to Dewine, not that Brown is a suck-up-to-the-republicans DINO and-thus-we-might-as-well-vote-for-the-real-thing candidate.
    •  The issue is whether this (4.00)
      is a Democracy, or just a bunch of Brahmin-oligarchs who pick the candidates?

      DeWine will bash Brown's brains out on national security.  Rove is laughing his ass off.

      •  the DCCC and DSCC's job (none)
        isn't to maximize democracy within the party, it's to win as many seats as possible.

        would you rather have 5 good candidates all running for the same seat or spread out over 5 races, all of which they can win.

        It's the job of those two committees to try to reach that 2nd result if possible.  you seem to be of the opinion that if 5 good candidates want to waste themselves by running for the same thing, that the party shouldn't care.

        •  Why didn't they push Brown out? (none)
          He could still have run for and kept his House seat and be ready for a run in the Senate in 2010, or whatever gawd-awful year it is that the next Senate election in Ohio is.

          See, not only were the party folks heavy-handed, they backed the WRONG guy.   Morons.

          With support from the party, Hackett could have taken DeWine.

          But, no, it looks like Brown called in a few chits to clear the field for him.  Itchy, scratch.  Nope, I don't have proof but I can smell it a mile away.


          •  because (none)
            1. he's more well known
            2. he had better organization
            3. he had more money
            4. he's experienced
            5. we gain nothing by having Brown stay put. that district is going to stay blue no matter what. meanwhile, if Hackett runs for OH-02, even if he loses, its still a money drain on the republicans.

            is there a reason why Brown shouldn't be running, other than the fact that Hackett is the left's darling?
            •  Yes (none)
              The reason is that Brown will lose to DeWine--Hackett had a chance.

              All the talk about why Hackett had to exit was to the effect Brown was going to beat him in the primary.

              Did anyone, just one party-appartchik, consider who was the better candidate to match up against DeWine?  Could Brown have done as well against Schmidt?

              Hackett had already taken one for the team.  His doing so well against Mean-Jean should have earned him more party support--so that any rookie mistakes could have been smoothed over.  It sounds as if Hacket were left to twist in the wind.

              Brown proved he is a powerful dude in Democratic party circles.....for whatever that'll be worth come November.

              •  virtually every poll taken in this race (none)
                disagrees with your assessment that Hackett had a far superior chance (or any better chance at all) of winning than Brown.
                •  Maybe so (none)
                  but that is not what my gut tells me....When corruption and national security are the lead issues, Hackett seems tailor-made for this race.

                  Well, hopefully Brown will win.

                  This was handled so poorly.  And I could go on railing against the leaders of the Democratic party--but I don't see any.


                  •  they were trying to get hackett to switch races (none)
                    this isn't neither rare or bad.  The DSCC and DCCC got together and said "you know what, looking at things, Brown looks to be on track to beat Hackett in the primary. the polls show no difference between the two against DeWine. So, instead of risking Brown getting bloodied, and risk spending a lot of money to win a primary he has an above-average chance of winning, why don't we move Hackett to OH-02, where, even if he doesn't win, will drain money from the GOP, and allows Brown to stay clean and not spend money in the primary.

                    frankly, there is virtually no negative there other than Hackett fans who think he's the only one that can win...and they have no evidence to support that idea other than their own opinion.

                    Unfortunately, Hackett chose not to run for the House seat, which is rather disappointing.  Thats a good candidate that could have been on the ballot in November but wont.

                    •  What of Hackett's purported (none)
                      promise to other Dems to not run in that House race?

                      And my recollection of the polls is slightly different than yours.  "Opinion?"  Well, you admit the polling data showed that Brown was not doing any better against DeWine than Hackett.  Hackett got a lot of votes against Scmhidt--that's a track record.

                      No, there is data to support my views.

                      But your view here, of course, has carried the day.  You win.  

                      Now the Democratic Party Establishment had better make sure Brown wins.  If not, then see ya'.

                      •  the entire argument of the pro-Hackett crowd (none)
                        is that he can win but Brown cannot.

                        The polls don't support this idea of Hackett having a better chance than Brown.

                        Also, running in an open seat congressional race against a crazy woman is far different than running for senate against an incumbent.  If nothing else, people will excuse inexperience in a house race.  Thats far more unlikely in a senate race.

                        Now the Democratic Party Establishment had better make sure Brown wins.

                        If brown loses, then brown loses.  Hackett more than likely would have lost to Brown in the primary anyway and even if he beat Brown, there isn't any evidence that he would have more success against DeWine than Brown would.

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