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View Diary: Markos has become a waterboy for the establishment (117 comments)

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  •  Which means... (none)
    "Granted, Paul Hackett set a fire under certain segments of the blogosphere.  In some instances, deservedly so. But, Sherrod Brown is a true progressive that possesses damned near every quality that we value around these parts."

    He won't get one vote south of Summit county... maybe, if he's lucky, Stark.

    But, mid to South Ohio...  nothing!

    Picked a real winner there, bud!

    I hope I'm wrong.. but Hackett had a hell of lot better chance...

    And now, our greatest voice in the party.. the next FDR is suddenly silent...  The ONLY guy that could go toe to toe with the right wing noise machine is suddenly gone.... forever...

    great... just great..



    •  Uh-huh. (none)
      As I keep saying again and again, I'm not one of these rabidly pro-Hackett at any cost people everyone keeps invoking in their comments. I hadn't decided either way, although I think some of the recent stunts Brown's pulled have been absolutely unbelievable. (Blowing up at a NE Ohio blogger and then poutily refusing to come to a meet the bloggers question and answer session because he might be there? Yeah, that's the kind of guy you want in your "full body politics" D.C.)

      What annoys the living bejesus out of me is people outside the state, namely Schumer & co, making decisions FOR us about who we should be allowed to vote for in a primary. That's just incredible to me.

      Anyone who's lived in Ohio in recent memory should know damn well NE Ohio candidates go over like a lead balloon in the rest of the state!

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