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  •  jeers to Tweety, Noron, Bobo (4.00)
    and (to a slightly lesser degree) Klein.

    Tell me, what is it about me, personally, that is "nuts" or "semi-nuts"?

    I am middle-aged, married, mother of a kid under 10. Average health. I went to public school and a public university.  I (barely) own a house in an older suburb of a major city.  I work full-time, can barely make ends meet, and have little savings.  My husband is unemployed and looking for work.  We have multiple cats (I'm ashamed to say how many), a frog, fish, a chameleon, hermit crabs and triops.  (That could make me nuts, I guess.)  

    I hate people getting killed in wars.  I think everyone should have a fair shot at the so-called American Dream.  I think the government should stay out of my business and out of my medical decisions.  I'm worried about the economy.  I passionately believe George W. is willfully and criminally incompetent and way too powerful.  

    Which of those facts makes me nuts?  Please, tell me.  If it's the cats, well, I guess I'm gonna have to be nuts, because I believe in making a commitment and sticking by it, even if it means my home doesn't look like a magazine.  (well, I guess it depends on what kind of magazine.)

    Tell me, Tweety, Noron and Bobo:  Why are you so scared of me?  Why are you so anxious to put people like me, at dailyKos, into a box that allows you to discard my thoughts, ideas and opinions without consequence?

    Please let me know.  I'm waiting to hear from you.

    I thought nothing could be worse than the Reagan years. Boy was I wrong.

    by marjo on Tue Feb 14, 2006 at 07:11:19 AM PST

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