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  •  Valentines C&J from up on the hill (4.00)
    Cheers to everyone who is blessed with a Valentine's Day sweetie. And don't worry about the rest of us... [sniff] we'll be fine... [schnerk] you kids run along and...  have fun...   ;D

    The Large Gray Cat does not wish me a Happy Valentine's Day. If he had opposable thumbs he would steal the little SD card. He wants me to drop and break my camera.

    Cheers to Bill's poll and OTHER.

    Triple-throw Whachacallit Cheers to Zhang and Zhang and Totymiyanina and Marinin for their tremendous courage. Zhang Dan captured my heart when she decided to continue last night after her fall. And while the Russians were far too cautious and stilted, watching them skate after seeing the heart-stopping footage of Totymiyanina's head smashing the ice in 2004 brought tears to my eyes. Hats off to Marinin for regaining enough confidence in himself to again work with his partner at this level of competition.

    A jeer to NPR's Renee Montagne for a significant lapse this morning in her interview with DOJ's Steve Bradbury. She allowed him to get away with the assertion that Bushco domestic spying without court supervision is consistent with Congress' authorization of the use of force to combat terrorism. Both Montagne and Bradbury are quite well aware that members of Congress on both sides of the aisle were completely unwilling to give the Preznit such carte blanche, yet the continue to pretend...

    Raised eyebrows to Judge Abdel Rahman for putting up with Saddam Hussein's courtroom behavior. What do you bet Julius Hoffman is rolling in his grave? Am I missing something cultural/political in Rahman's tolerance of Saddam's showmanship or is the judge out of his depth (or both)?

    OK, I am not a dog person, but this shot was too good to pass up, my neighbor Collyer's collie surveying his realm from atop a hay roll last week.

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