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View Diary: Seriously not funny for the guy in ICU (414 comments)

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  •  Some decency (4.00)
    This Whittington fellow may deserve our contempt for being a friend and donor to Dick "Reptile" Cheney but we should wish him a rapid recovery - not because we are liberals or conservatives, not because we love or despise any political policy or even because it would damage the nation.  We should wish him rapid recovery because that is what decent people do.

    It is perfectly OK to want Cheney to fry for this - Cheney deserves to fry - no problem, but this poor gentleman did not deserve this.  Bad taste in friends is not a capital offense.  We have enough amoral Schadenfreude in the country; let's take the high road and wish this human being rapid recovery.  Even if we wish him recovery for his grandkids if anym, or so that he may live to see the man who shot him indicted or impeached for gun and/or non-gun offenses, let us wish him well.

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