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  •  No amount of money? (4.00)
    The truth is, no amount of money will successfully sell the Bush Administration's failed policies, from the war in Iraq, to its disastrous energy policy, to its confusing Medicare prescription drug bill.

    That is simply not true. I wish it were true but it's not. We are all for sale. The corporatocracy has been brainwashing us for decades with endless advertisements designed to do much more than just sell merchandise. They want to weaken our minds so that we cannot think for ourselves. And unfortunately the problem is so big that it exists on a higher level than the phony left/right nonsense we waste so much time fighting over. That's why dems will never win, btw. Our society prizes money over petty things like liberty, equality, clean air.... peace...justice. The real mechanisms of power are beyond our grasp. We are pawns and slaves and all our bickering will not help us avoid being thrust into the next war.

    This is why you politicians can never seem to get much more than half the people to come out and vote. People know it is all a fraud. So what is 1.6 billion compared to that? Where were the democrats when we were being looted for trillions?

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