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View Diary: Breaking: MSNBC Scrubbing Cheney Alcohol Connection? (259 comments)

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  •  A shooting in the sun..or not? (none)
    VP says Whit was walking out of the sun so he couldn't see Whit.

    Yet on Feb. 11, 2006 the sun set at 6:20 p.m., ten minutes before Cheney shot Whit (above links are from two cities in Kenedy County) . So how can Whit be walking with the Sun behind him if the Sun had already set.  An when the Sun Sets there is sphere visible in the sky.

    So if anyone can explain this, please do so.

    •  correction no sphere visible in the sky (none)
    •  Kenedy County (none)
      One small correction: there are no "cities" in Kenedy County.  The population of the whole county is just over 400 people; Sarita is the closest thing to a town in the county, and it's barely a wide spot in a lonely road.  The two towns for which links were given, Falfurrias and Kingsville, are in neighboring counties, and are no doubt fine as far as figuring when the sun set.  But it is important in understanding this whole affair, and particularly the response of the local sheriff, to remember just how empty Kenedy County is, and how much it is under the sway of the big ranchers who own most of it.

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