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View Diary: Breaking: MSNBC Scrubbing Cheney Alcohol Connection? (259 comments)

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  •  Too easy for Rove to twist (none)
    If/when it comes out that there was alcohol in Whittington's blood, you KNOW that the GOP Blame The VictimTM spin will follow thusly:

    "SEE? Whittington was drinking, and stumbled into the shot or was where he wasn't supposed to be! It's his own fault! He was drinking and hunting!"

    That'll be the meme, repeated verbatim by all the talking heads, and if you think that the sheeple will make the leap of thought required to wonder if Cheney was drinking, well, you are going to be disappointed.

    They will point out that alcohol in Whittington's blood proves nothing with regard to Cheney's sobriety. And in that, they will be correct.

    Not a very defensible position, so I wouldn't put a lot of weight on it.

    I am become Dubya, Destroyer of Words...

    by Swampfoot on Tue Feb 14, 2006 at 11:00:35 PM PST

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