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View Diary: BREAKING - New Abu Ghraib Photos Released (W/MORE IMAGES) (330 comments)

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  •  note well re: women and children (4.00)
    If you are talking about the picture where a foursome of naked prisoners are made to sit, two facing the wall and two sort of squatting opon their shoulders, you are incorrect about it being women or young childern that are facing the wall.  The details of this particular photo are already known and formed the basis of several trials already.  Again, I refer people to the HARPER's article, FEB 2006 by JoAnn Wypijewski.  

    But it is known that some video of a young boy being raped by Iraqi guards is among the documents sought by the ACLU in thier suit.  So yes, there is lots of sickening stuff still unseen.

    And, space permitting I'd like to quote comedian Bill Hicks about the disparity about people getting upset about innocent women and children suffering.  "Either you love ALL of humanity, or  you don't."  Does it really matter the age or sex of someone being tortured?  

    •  Realistically, no (none)
      Symbolically, yes.

      Remember what photo turned much of the country against Vietnam - a little girl, running naked from her burning village.

    •  He means (none)
      the guy standing on the right, not the persons facing the wall. That guy looks like a kid to me.
      •  the one standing on the right (none)
        is a child, and it looks as if the one seated behind him is also a child. the one seated behind the man on the left looks like it could be a woman. i wonder if this is a family???? i wonder if they made the one with rapeist written on the thigh do something to the guys family???
        •  Yes, the one with "rapest" on the (none)

          Is the soldier we see the woman who got courtmartialed over all of this? If so, I think the person standing facing her, on our right, seems to be a lot shorter than she is and therefore might be a child.

          If the person who is talking about the 4-prisoner photo is thinking of that photo, then I'm sure the commenter is right and I'm wrong, but I'm not sure s/he is thinking about the same photo.

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