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View Diary: BREAKING - New Abu Ghraib Photos Released (W/MORE IMAGES) (330 comments)

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  •  Oh God... (none)
    How can I still be shocked?  We know the stories, we know it's happening, and still I feel punched in the gut.

    In the 11th picture with the bloody door....I can't drag my eyes away from the blanket.  The exact same blanket, avaialble widely in every open air market in Kathmandu, sits on my kitchen floor as a bed for my doggie.  I see it 47 times a day.  I can't bear to see it again.  Shit.  The blanket made me cry - why is that?  Is it that it brings the horror of this into the normality of my daily life?  How will we ever, EVER, get past this as a nation?

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