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View Diary: BREAKING - New Abu Ghraib Photos Released (W/MORE IMAGES) (330 comments)

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  •  IMHO - these are "semi-new" pics (4.00)
    opinion/ speculation:

    These 15 are part of a very tight group of pictures that came in the main from Grainer's camera and his laptop.   His was not the only camera, but it does appear that these probably come from the same CD that Taguba had, congressmen saw, etc - the one turned in by Darby.  But if this Syndney news producer has only 60 new pictures it may not yet be the whole set of pictures.  Certainly not the video, yet.

    My two cents, The one that "doesn't fit" is the dog handler one since it clearly shows other "persons in authority" doing things wrong besides Frederick, Granger, Lynndie England et al.  This is NOT the night shift crowd.  And it closely matches pics Sy Hersh ran with his trio of NEW YORKER articles.  This menacing with dogs stuff is of course a tactic deliberately ordered by Miller, imported from GITMO and didn't fit in with the marrative played over and over in the courts-martial.  

    Lots to speculate about - but folks, lots of this info is already "out there" - but has NOT been assembled in a non-partisan manner.  Few have the stomach to iron out the details already released to the public.  I know I tune out after a while myself.  It's sickening to look at some of the group shots and wonder how many CIA and contractors RIGHT THERE in the pics are walking around free, much less people up the chain of command.

    What we know thus far is that Grainer had some pics, passed some of them around, Darby turned some in,  Taguba got them, CBS got some, Sy Hersh got some and those are all we have seen thus far - CBS's and Hersh's.  Some were shown to congress, some were seen in the courts-martial that we have NOT seen.  

    My question, who was the source for these 60 pictures?  

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