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View Diary: BREAKING - New Abu Ghraib Photos Released (W/MORE IMAGES) (330 comments)

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  •  Unfortunately, (none)
    more SOP from the administration. Damaging news? VP blowing people away while drunk? Passing truly heinous legislation? Need to change the news cycle? Run out of Missing White Girls™?
    Have we got a strategy for you.
    Just dust off an old scandal, preferably one that's already hit its outrage fatigue threshold, or at least doesn't have far to go. Toss it out at the end of the day. Make it seem like it should be important. Now, mind you, don't go too far. Don't release anything really damaging, just more of what people have already seen. Well, a little more graphic maybe. None of the "worst of the worst" though.

    Sorry to seem cynical, but I really see this as more CYA. They see this as less damaging than something else that would top the charts if this known hitmaker wasn't conveniently leaked. It won't hurt them a whit with The Base™. The Base™ will yell at everybody else to "STFU, we've seen this before, old news, people are in jail for this", etc.

    This shit is awful. Deplorable, but we knew it was out there. I don't imagine these are anywhere near the worst stuff that's on film. Remember the rape videos? Screaming kids? This batch really does look to me to be orchestrated by those in power. They are still battling the ACLU to not release the rest of this stuff. These wouldn't have leaked if they didn't want them to. The really bad stuff would have.
    I don't think that the 1/4th of the photos up on the site are the most disturbing the station has, but I'd guess they're representative.

    I've felt for some time now that the civilian leadership in the Pentagon should be thrown in GTMO themselves for so many reasons. I'm not saying this shouldn't be howled at brought to the fore. I'm just saying I find the timing and depth suspect.

    Me? I'm going to be looking on page 23 to see what new really-fucked-up-thing has just been foisted upon us, unseen and unknown.

    Stop telling God what to do with his dice. -Niels Bohr

    by justme on Tue Feb 14, 2006 at 07:12:56 PM PST

    •  Probably true, but.... (none)
      as you know from the Muslim riots against an innocuous cartoon, images have a lot of power. The "nothing to see here, folks, no news here, move on" meme is unacceptable now. Our fuckin' COUNTRY is in danger, man! If people need to be grabbed by the fuckin lapels and have their faces shoved in it.... than so be it....

      I've got 5000 rollover minutes and I intend to spend 'em!

      by rgrace on Tue Feb 14, 2006 at 07:20:27 PM PST

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