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View Diary: BREAKING - New Abu Ghraib Photos Released (W/MORE IMAGES) (330 comments)

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  •  And we wonder (4.00)
    why they hate us
    why they are willing to commit suicide to pay us back.
    Why their children would throw stones at us in the absence of anything more potent.
    why their women would want to strap on explosives and seek revenge.

    we wonder.....
    sitting in our comfy Lazy-Boy in front of our DLP watching the latest unrealistic "Reality Show" or the latest celebrity gossip.... while the "FREE" Press keeps these (and similarly odious) pictures and stories away from us, protecting our very delicate sensitivity, we blissfully forget that elsewhere in the other part of the world, stories and pictures like these are what they see (on their TV, in their mosques, churches, marketplace, wherever) daily.

    We wonder....
    why they can't just listen to our "we don't condone torture" platitudes and just behave like the docile imbeciles we think they are and just go to their mosques and worship our almighty dollars.

    We wonder......
    why they would want to arm themselves with nuclear power and not just understand our exclusive claim of ownership to such technologies (which, by the way, we can make available to - or use on behalf of - our "friends").

    We wonder....
    why they would not just trust and rely on our immense benevolence and know their place and not ruffle our feathers and just do what we tell them to do and just smile and nod and salute and complement our greatness.

    Having seen these pictures, do we still wonder why they celebrate the Osamas of this world instead of behaving like "normal, modern, intelligent" people like us? Do we stil wonder why they are not buying our "democracy-cures-all" mantras?

    Do we still wonder why they won't (can't) love us or trust us or believe anything we say?

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