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View Diary: Final 11 cities bidding for the 2008 Convention (w/poll) (63 comments)

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  •  San Antonio (none)
    It's in Texas, the source of the current pestilence.    Deal with this at the source.

    It is the place to campaign on a sensible approach to immigration (yeah, yeah, but we've got two years nine months to figure it out).  

    It is the place that has given us three disastrous presidents, so not a whole lot of whoopin' and hollerin' about the great LBJ but some kind words for Lloyd Bentsen.

    It's the straight talk test for progressive Democratic candidates.  If your are a progressive and they love you in Texas, you have a leg up on the competition. (Hello Molly, hello Jim).

    It could be the rehabilitation of Henry Cisneros.

    It's a cool city for a convention.

    It's not Dallas.

    •  But my first choice isn't on the list (none)
      Wichita, Kansas
    •  Neither Bush was born in TX... (none)
      so there, New England.  But we do get Dwight Eisenhower's birthplace (Denison, TX), and I'd take Ike over any member of the modern GOP in a heartbeat.  (Forget the fact that he moved to Kansas at the age of two)  And Ike also won some war...can't remember the'll come to me.
      •  Didn't say born in Texas (none)
        Texas is where they found their political base.  And Ike claimed Abilene, Kansas as home.

        Oh, FDR won the war.  Actually it was George C. Marshall who won the war.  Eisenhower only defeated Nazi Germany.  Douglas MacArthur defeated Japan.  But Eisenhower presided over a critical phase of the Cold War.  And Eisenhower first put US interests into Vietnam.  But they don't seem to make generals like Ike and George C. Marshall any more.

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