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View Diary: Final 11 cities bidding for the 2008 Convention (w/poll) (63 comments)

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  •  Go Motown! (none)
    As a native of Detroit, I think it would be great to have it there.  In fact, I think it finished second place to Boston last time.  And when they announced it was going to Beantown, the selection committee said such positive things about Detroit that it sounded like they were gonna hand them the next one!

    Some of the positive things about Detroit:
    1.) Just hosted the Superbowl and did a great job
    2.) City could highlight the issues of both oil/cars and outsourcing of jobs and CAFTA/NAFTA
    3.) Large African American population
    4.) Large Arab American population
    5.) Right next to OH.  Lots of media coverage in the Toledo area.
    6.) Could cement the MI electoral votes
    7.) Aretha Franklin lives there

    I am sure there are more reasons...

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