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View Diary: Cheney Lied to Prosecutors; Fitz Suspects Emails Destroyed; Gonzales Withholds Emails (Poll) (269 comments)

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  •  first read Leopold years ago at Counterpunch (none)
    and quickly decided he was a little sketchy. When I knew the sources he was basing his work on, I saw that Leopold went rather beyond where I would have gone. He tended to be rhetorical and a zealot. His more recent writing is less rhetorical, more blandly reportorial. Does that mean he's being more judicious and avoiding pushing his evidence too far? Or just trying to appear to play by the rules? I can't say, given his propensity to cite anonymous sources.

    It has to be said, however, that with this administration and in this particular scandal, almost all sources used by everybody are anonymous. So Leopold is not necessarily playing fast and loose.

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