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View Diary: Cheney Lied to Prosecutors; Fitz Suspects Emails Destroyed; Gonzales Withholds Emails (Poll) (269 comments)

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  •  Good points. And remember, at some level Patrick (none)
    Fitzgerald is a human being, relatively young and a person who choose his career for certain reasons that resonate with an underlying psychological profile.  

    He wants to be absolutely correct, cautious, proper,  and unassailably diligent in his indictments.  

    He is also relatively young. At some level, he much be astounded and perhaps a little overwhelmed at what he has stumbled into.  The position is not one where he can ask for the advice or blessing of the Senior Partner or Grand Old Mentor to be sure.

    How would you feel if you suddenly had to consider the possibility of inicting perhaps as many as the top 21 White House Officials which will pehaps lead to the impeachment of the President, effectively bringing down the government, and precipitating a constitutional crisis.

    And in an environment, where no matter what you do, a multitude of critics will counter attack your judgement, and perhaps even retaliate.

    This is what many senior most executives call the classic "career limiting opportunity."  

    I just hope Fitz doesn't get the fuzzy borderline between due caution and diligence and paralizing fear doesn't bog Fitz down.

    You know the old expression.  In a crisis that has lots of complexity and inevitable un-intended side effects. "Don't just do something, Stand there."

    My reccomendation, though, Fitz if your listening, is to start breaking the log jam, one indictment at a time starting with the most solid and least controversial.

    i.e Karl Rove on purjury, obstruction of justice this week.

    Cheney next week.

    Fitz, you can always circle back around and add more charges latter.

    Also, let's let some of the low level underlings that have flipped in return for lower charges, get these confessions on the record.  

    Sentencing can be delayed, contingent on coooperation and accuracy.

    This way, it will not take long at all for the public, Congressional, and Media clamor to form a consensus, that the direction of the higher charges are not only appropriate but long overdue.

    And, if they were strategically clever, it will be the Republicans who finally demand, to get this all out at once.

    For their credibility and 2006 and 2008 electorial consequences, this slow death of a thousand cuts, and Chinese Water torture is the worst possible outcome.

    Once the Bush scandals start tainting the rest of the GOP they will cut Bush off in a blink.

    This is also why the Democratic leaders should differeniate themselves for this mess ASAP.

    Do we need to spell out the "scenario-strategy matrix" for folks to see this?

    Right not the side effects are damaging both parties equally so the GOP doesn't have as much of this motivation yet.

    My diary of yesterday reported the latest CNN-USA-Gallup poll showing 68% of the public believe Democrats have no vision for American while 67% percennt say Republicans have no vision.

    Unless we differentiate ourselves by more agressive calls for hearings, impeachements, justice etc. the damage effects all incumbants more equally.  

    •  I don't think Fitz scares easily (none)
      He may be on the young side, but he's not a callow youth - he's a highly successful prosecutor and has won a lot of complex, hard-to-understand cases.

      From what I've read, he's expert at piecing together the narrative and conveying it to the jury.

      I'm not a prosecutor so I don't know their techniques, but it seems to me that it's more effective to have all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in place before indicting a bunch of people.  And I suspect there are still a few missing pieces.

      I think we should just let him do his job in his own way.

      He's not going to do anything because of political expediency.

      I agree with what you said in the diary itself - why are people waiting for Fitz's indictments to do anything?  There's plenty of stuff to get outraged about that isn't even part of his investigation.

      Perhaps some mighty victory is growing in you now. - Mike Finley

      by hrh on Thu Feb 16, 2006 at 04:52:20 PM PST

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    •  One of my big concerns is- (none)
      Fitz's safety!
      I know I know but were talking the biggest the most powerful in the world.
      Don't let a thought pass your mind that it couldn't happen.
      The magic of induced medicine or any # of dark approaches to remedy there problem.
      Plus the lapsed time allows for a drop in defense by Fitz.
      So push for silly to stupid protection for him. Out of concern for the importance of him and the issues.

      It's out "There" just OPEN your eyes.

      by Clzwld on Thu Feb 16, 2006 at 10:22:27 PM PST

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