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View Diary: Cheney Lied to Prosecutors; Fitz Suspects Emails Destroyed; Gonzales Withholds Emails (Poll) (269 comments)

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  •  The fundamental mistake (4.00)
    is in believing that any of these sociopaths has a code of honor or some kind of moral compass.  They are able to continually suprise us because we assume (having consciences and believing in things like the Constitution, fairness, democracy, decency, etc.) that they must have a sense of right and wrong, and that this sense would therefore be troubled by their various actions.  If Bush/Cheney does not have any belief in or respect for the Constitution and the rule of law, they are free to violate its principles at any time.  If they have no sense of religion or Christianity beyond its ability to be of material advantage to them right now, they are free to ignore any religious sentiment that is inconvenient to them.  The rest of the world is always a block behind, jaws dropped open spluttering "B-but you can't DO that!  Don't you understand?"

    If not for the cat,
    And the scarcity of cheese
    I could be content.
    --Jack Prelutsky

    by Reepicheep on Thu Feb 16, 2006 at 05:36:38 PM PST

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