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View Diary: Cheney Lied to Prosecutors; Fitz Suspects Emails Destroyed; Gonzales Withholds Emails (Poll) (269 comments)

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  •  Don't dispair Kestrel. We will get through this (none)
    successfully.  The love and respect for our country runs much deeper than it appears on most typical days.

    Once the magnitude of the situation becomes apparently, folks will stop, look, and listen and act with breathtaking collective decisiveness.

    Yes, even enough Republicans truly love our country and democracy enough, that when push comes to shove they will choose country over party just as we will.

    But, actually, well before we will get to this point in this scandal, Republicans will decide to get rid of these scounderals for the protection of their party.

    Check out the scuttlebutt in todays papers, and blogs.  The collective GOP is just about to realize that Cheney is more of a liability than asset.  

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