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View Diary: Why Did Jesus Say To "Destroy This Temple?" (24 comments)

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  •  "Jesus was the Biggest Liberal" (none)

         In fact, Jesus DEMANDED the seperation of church and state!!!!

         "Render unto Ceaser what is Ceaser's, render unto God what is God's".

         All those bible thumpers who want to impose a theocracy upon USA citizens are heretics, and if what they believe is true, they will burn in hell.

         Let's all pray that God expedites that!

    •  Couple of questions about Jesus (none)
      How come he looks like a french aristocrat in all the pictures of him? He certainly doesn't look Jewish to me. How come there are no children at the last supper? I thought it is customary for a child (the youngest) to ask questions during a Passover Seder. More importantly, if Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, what happened to the donkey?
      •  because... (none)
        he looks that way because monks prefered blondes even in the middle ages.
        the last supper wasn't about tradition or kids, it was about making judas look like a bitch.  
        the donkey was stolen anyway, maybe he went home.

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