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View Diary: The Painful Truth- Or Why The Neocons Keep Winning (29 comments)

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  •  Your long list (none)
    is a good illustration of the problem. There are just so many things, each of which is outrageous in itself! I used to have an employee who always did badly in argument because she tried to raise every POSSIBLE point, instead of hammering on the few, key issues that would win it for her. She would bury her winning arguments in a blizzard of assertions.

    Also, I think there is often a failure to hear the "music" of politics. So, the Cheney thing is an example. Pages of argument, reams of conspiracy theory, hours of pondering, to what end? The point would have been, from a unified on-message party, that it was an unfortunate accident, but what was no accident was how Cheney got us into a disastrous costly war. That's making a point without looking like you are gloating over someone else's misfortune (Whittington). Another example: instead of saying they lied us into a war ( voters' mental reaction: everyone lies, big deal), you ask, if Bush had told you that this war would cost over 200 billion, kill 2500 troops so far, and severely wounded about 50,000 people, would you have voted for it? So, there is a resonance to getting your message out, which Bill Clinton really has big-time, that so many so-called democratic leaders don't have. And as many married men have learned, it's often much more inmportant how you say something than what you say. Dems are often overly focused on the what rather than the how.

    Good diary though. Amazingly long list.

    Walking. It's the new driving.

    by Batfish on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 04:32:52 PM PST

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