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View Diary: The Painful Truth- Or Why The Neocons Keep Winning (29 comments)

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  •  The Painful Truth- Or Why The Neocons Keep Winning (none)
    The reason that they keep winning is what you just did and every other supposed "democratic" person has done with the bully pulpit.  Is undermind the message.

    I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!!!  You are why we are not winning elections - a mirage of Republican screw ups and you say it is the Democrats fault.  Just stop it.  If you want to discuss what we can do then do it.  But quit giving the GD Republicans there talking points.  

    I mean you hear it enlessly on every damn News show - Yea the REpublicans they are something arn't they - Screwing this country ten ways to sunday.  But look at the Democrats - they do not have a single voice.  Shut UP!  Your voice is given crap to them.  Instead - why do you not demostrate the voice - listen to your elected leaders in the Democratic Party and repeat what they are saying.  They actually do have a voice.

    •  Unfortunately (none)
      they do not have a single voice.  Just listen to anyone of them and then the next.  they all have a different position or different priority.  It's not a unified party message and I don't just post it in my diary.  I write to them repeatedly.  Please if you can summerize for me the Democratic position.  I want to hear it.

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