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  •  Story (4.00)
    This story has completely derailed the administration for an entire week. The more questions raised about it, the longer the administration has to react to it, rather than pursue its own agenda.

    I serve on the board of the Band of Brothers.

    by David Nir on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 04:15:18 PM PST

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    •  I wasn't aware (none)
      that the administration was "on the tracks" before this week.  In fact its taken all media attention away from things of import.
      •  The Media Is Getting It (4.00)
        Listen to Matthews now.  Listen to the stories about the delays, the freaking apology that THE VICTIM issued today, and notice that the narrative is not good for Cheney or the administration.

        You don't reject a negative story just because you're supposedly above such things.  This shit is EXACTLY what the GOP pounces on, and the pussyfooting around and concentrating solely on "meaningful" issues is why the Dems haven't been able to take advantage of any goddamned gift they've been given.

        "When your opponent is drowning, throw the son of a bitch an anvil."

        •  standing ovation! (none)
          not only do i completely agree with you, i think it is hilarious that mothertucker would try to butch himself up by saying he has gone hunting!! at the end of his show last night, mothertucker was shown dressed in one of those spandex onesies that the athletes wear when they are bobsledding or whatever, and i can assure you that he has no genitalia. he looked like an ugly ken doll.

          I didn't get Jack from Abramoff...I'm not a Republican!

          by nonnie9999 on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 05:02:55 PM PST

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          •  Cheney still not taking blame or sorry (none)
            I posted this before, but I feel it is necessary to post it again, especially since Harry has now publicly apologized, while Dead I A Dick has not:

            Cheney claimed responsibility? Cheney said it was his fault? Cheney apologized?


            That's what all the MSM is saying. Funny how when I read the FAUX Gnus transcripts I could not find anywhere in the transcripts where Cheney claimed responsibility, said it was his fault, or made a public apology.

            However, I did find the complete opposite in his words. Cheney claims, " was not Harry's fault. You can't blame anybody else."

            Did you get that? If you can't blame anybody else, then you can't blame Cheney either.

            Read it for yourself from the FAUX Gnus transcripts of Dead I A Dick Cheney and Britney Hu,me?:

            Q Right, and so you know all the procedures and how to maintain the proper line and distance between you and other hunters, and all that. So how, in your judgment, did this happen? Who -- what caused this? What was the responsibility here?

            THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, ultimately, I'm the guy who pulled the trigger that fired the round that hit Harry. And you can talk about all of the other conditions that existed at the time, but that's the bottom line. And there's no -- it was not Harry's fault. You can't blame anybody else. I'm the guy who pulled the trigger and shot my friend.
            And I say that is something I'll never forget.

            Cheney does admit to having pulled the trigger. But we already knew that, and that is not the same as claiming responsiblity. Did Cheney have a quail in his site while Harry walked into the line of fire? If so then it would have been Harry's fault and not the responsibility of Cheney. But Harry did not do that. Cheney aimed his gun at Harry and then fired.

            Before Cheney's interview with Britney, they tried to pin it on Harry by claiming he snuck up from behind with out verbally warning he was there.

            But we all know that is a bogus argument because the cardinal rule of hunting is to know what you are shooting at before you pull the trigger.

            So, all Cheney did was admit that the shooting was not Harry's fault.

            Cheney could have said, "It was not Harry's fault. It was my fault." Or he could have said, " It was not Harry's fault. You can't blame anybody else but me." If Cheney said either of those two line, then he would have accepted responsibility for the shooting. But, he did not say either line.

            Nor did he apologize. Because if he did, that too would have been an acceptance of responsibility.

            Furthermore, Hu,me? did not ask Cheney if he was responsible, he asked, "What was the responsibility here?" This is the question that set up Cheney for his non-acceptance acceptance of responsibility.

            Again, it was not enough for Cheney to admit to having shot his friend, he also needed to take responsibility for shooting his friend, which he did not do.

            They are so well scripted! The Bush/Cheney record of not accepting responsibility still stands unblemished, or completely tarnished, depending on how you look at it.

            What I can't understand is how they think they can try to pull this crap on the public without anyone catching it. Apparently they think we are all as stupid as they are.

            Wrong, again!

            They are soooooooooo BUSTED!!!!

            Come on Mr. Cheney, you can do it. You can take responsibility. Go on, say it. Say, "I take complete responsibility for shooting my friend Harry in the face. It was all my fault. I'm sorry Harry for making it the worst day of YOUR life."

            We'll even let you slide on the part where you admit to breaking the cardinal rule of hunting, which is what got you into this mess in the first place.

        •  damn straight. (none)

          so you think I'm a troll? Well kiss my hairy troll nalgas then

          by MetaProphet on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 05:20:05 PM PST

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          •  Any story at all can be a wedge (none)
            to hammer into the administration, so long as it has traction.

            Traction. How I wish we had one juicy scandal with all the well-proven traction elements. Something like:

            Veep gets blow-job from missing blonde at gunpoint

            •  Rumpsmeld wants to end talk of torture (none)
              Gonzales wants to end talk of illegal NSA spying. Rove wants to end talk of Valerie Plame. Chertoff wants to end talk of Katrina. Bush wants to end talk of Bushisms.

              All that stuff is so yesterday. We really need to stop beating these dead horses...err... elephants!

              Fine with me, but can we wait until after the November elections?

              Then we can start talking about it all over again during the impeachment trials.

              Did I say trials? As in plural? As in many, many impeachments?

              OH YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

              Sorry dude, they are going to continue talking about all of this long after we are long, long gone!

    •  not at all (none)
      they will pursue whichever agenda they wish or do not wish to, it hardly matters what is going on outside the castle/White House.
    •  No... (none)
      If they weren't reacting to this they'd be reacting to:

      1. The Hurricane Katrina debacle and Chertoff's role in it

      2. Libby claiming that he was permitted by Cheney to declassify Plame's identity

      3. The NSA wiretap investigation - by the way, during the news blackout that is Cheney shooting somebody, the Republicans are trying to weasel out of oversight on this

      4. Release of more Abu Ghraib photos

      Want to diary about it, fine, but this is not front page material anymore (and it barely was to start with).

      --- If trickle down economics worked, Marie Antoinette wouldn't have lost her head

      by sterno on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 04:22:24 PM PST

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    •  yes (none)
      They lost Tucker Carlson and Peggy Noonan over this. Doesn't seem like such a distraction to me anymore.

      First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. ~~ Mohandas Gandhi

      by TimeTogether on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 10:21:27 PM PST

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