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View Diary: Dick Cheney: One in a Million (146 comments)

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  •  Oh, Hear, Hear! (none)
    This whole thing about how every asshole in the administration thinks they're above the fucking law is quite tiresome.
    •  No law will ever be shown to have been broken (none)
      Again, its going nowhere.

      The media has grabbed onto this and its become just about the only story they're talking about.  But it doesn't help us legislatively.  It won't transfer to any other Republican who will ACTUALLY BE RUNNING in 2006.  Where's the benefit to focusing so much time on this?  Especially here?

      It's a hilarious mistake which embarasses the VP tremendously, but that's the end of the story for the overwhelming majority of Americans.

      •  Laws...rules...whatever (none)
        Don't be so literal.  This guy drank.  He shot a guy in the face.  He didn't tell anybody for a day.

        That is a story.  You don't like it?  Don't pay attention.  You have the power.

        •  And after he did it, NEEDED a drink (none)
          One of the overlooked aspects of this incident is that Cheney couldn't get through the evening (meeting authority, taking responsibility) in a "normal" (i.e., get it over with, call the cops) kind of way.   He had to have "dinner and a cocktail"  (read get plastered) before he could face the sherrif's office.   I KNOW the feeling...bad day, need a drink.   That's the real role of alcohol here...Cheney shot a guy and was (typically) a coward.   Needed a shot of dutch courage to face the authorities.
          •  Harry says... (none)
            I'm so sorry Mr. Cheney for getting in the way of the 70th raised in captivity quail you were about to shoot one foot off the ground.

            I'm so very sorry for ruining your perfect day.

            I'm so very, very sorry for making it one of the worst days in your life.

            Glad you had a cocktail or two or three or more, as they rushed me to the hospital in agonizing pain and a hole in my heart, with my wife stricken with worry and grief!

            That's OK Mr. Cheney, you don't have to publicly apologize to me. I've already done enough apologizing for the both of us.

            P.S. Please count me out of your next hunting trip.

    •  Yes... we know... (none)
      Yeah, they think they are above the law.  So this is not a new story.  It's the same goddamn story we've been hearing over and over again since Dubya got elected.

      If we want to talk about acting above the law, front page more talk about the NSA wiretap mess.  THAT is an issue of being above the law and it actually being critically important.  This is the kind of story I expect to see on Hard Copy, not DKOS.

      --- If trickle down economics worked, Marie Antoinette wouldn't have lost her head

      by sterno on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 04:25:40 PM PST

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      •  Geesh (none)
        Talk about overly serious and sanctimonious.

        It's a metaphor, illustrative in a very approachable way just how these guys operate.  And it's freaking funny as hell.

        And I demand Markos post more about biofuels.

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