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  •  I just can't get myself... (none) believe this was an "accident"

    as hard as I try to give certain parties the benefit of the doubt, it's just becoming too impossible to imagine that this was an accident.

    from the ranch owner, to the "investigating" police to the time lapse, to the lack of med-evac, to the victim/accomplice's scripted apology, to the doctor's lack of explanation, to the Faux News crap, I just can't imagine that there isn't so very much to hide.

    there are a million reasons not to cover this up, and only one reason to: that this was the product of negligence, at the very least.

    •  I had a science teacher in Jr High School... (none)
      ...who asserted that there was no such thing as an "accident" in her class.  If you're carrying a $500 microscope and drop it, that is not an accident, that is being careless.  No funny business, no playing with chemicals.  Because being stupid and foolish is not an "accident" it's a choice.
      •  what if you tripped over something? (none)
        Or what if you had a stroke? What if you tried to gently set it down, but your poor depth perception caused you to misjudge the distance to the table, thus making you drop it?

        I think 'there are no accidents' is an interesting idiom, but not really literally appliccable.

      •  I think it's more (none)
        I think it's that Cheney is the kind of person that would not hesitate to point a loaded weapon at someone, because he can.  he's just proven that he can get away with shooting someone, accidental or not.

        he's the kind of person that feels he's so important that he need not answer to anyone, even the president or congress.

        he's the kind of person that is happy to throw American lives away, and I'm sure he believes that almost no one is not expendable, outside of his own family et al.

        hence, I believe he perhaps pointed the shotgun at Whittington, who according to two lawyers and a doctor I have discussed this with, could not have been more than 10 yards away, and perhaps the shotgun went off accidentally.  perhaps the guide attempted to retrain Cheney's aim due to the danger of it pointing at a person... perhaps he twitched, etc.

        whatever happened, most of the people there must have understood that Cheney was culpable beyond a simple apology to his shill Hume.

      •  yep! (none)
        I think that he didn't mean to shoot him, BUT he was drinking, and he did pull the trigger, so it's his fault. or as your teacher would put it, "he was careless with his hunting partner's life and limb".

        I don't think dick meant to shoot Mr. Whittington, but I do think he was drinking and was shooting his 28 ga. This from somebody who learned to hunt from his father and uncles more than 30 years ago. I used to hunt pheasants and quail here in Kansas years ago. I also went drunk shooting several times. ;-P

        If you have ever seen "North Dallas Forty", think about the texas hunting trip they went on. Similar to this one, I'll bet.

        I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. -Voltaire

        by baracon on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 04:52:16 PM PST

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    •  What are they covering up? (none)
      The only possibility they are covering up is that Cheney was negligent.  That he was drinking or in some other way being an idiot.  But here's the thing, if the guy he shot is:

      1. Alive and kicking
      2. Not pissed off

      Who cares?  If the guy had been killed, put in a coma, etc, I might have more concern.  If the guy was angry, came out saying Cheney was a drunken fool, etc, I'd care.  Otherwise, it was a screw up but it's unimportant to the nation.

      --- If trickle down economics worked, Marie Antoinette wouldn't have lost her head

      by sterno on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 04:30:41 PM PST

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      •  attempted murder no biggie? (none)
        if you shot a gun, aiming at the wall just behind your butler/maid (for example), and they knew 'their place' and wouldn't speak out, is that acceptable?

        negligence is negligence, and I can't imagine how it would not be criminal here.  and I also can't imagine how Whittington is not pissed off -- let alone sorry for poor Cheney -- despite anything he's going to say to the media now.

      •  how about... (none)
        cheney is having an affair with someone other than his wife, cruell...i mean lady macbet...i mean lynne, and they had to whisk away his mistress before she was mentioned on the police report? we know that there is no way the right wingnuts could defend an affair.
        we are dealing with people who are not like you or me. they fancy themselves the upper crust and they live by different rules. old holey harry is part of that clique and would surely play by their special rules.
        for all we know, darth and cruell...i mean dickie and lynne have a deal that they will stay married for appearances' sake but don't really care about what they do out of the public eye.
        i hope the national enquirer and the other rags are digging into this and embarrass the hell out of dart...dickie. that way the msm doesn't take the heat, but the story never goes away.

        I didn't get Jack from Abramoff...I'm not a Republican!

        by nonnie9999 on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 05:46:49 PM PST

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        •  That's pretty thin... (none)
          Having an affair with some hot woman who loves to shoot quailtards...

          I'm not buying it :)

          --- If trickle down economics worked, Marie Antoinette wouldn't have lost her head

          by sterno on Sun Feb 19, 2006 at 10:20:47 AM PST

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