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View Diary: Dick Cheney: One in a Million (146 comments)

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  •  The Real Issue for Me (none)
    You know, I think the drinking/meds issue with this sounds a bit like a fishing expedition.  The thing that really gets me is this whole "hunting for fun" thing.  I've never really understood hunting as a sport.  I understand it completely in hunter-gatherer societies.  But releasing a covey of live birds (raised just for the purpose) for just simply 'killing for fun' is for me what's really so disgusting about our vice-president.  He can cry 'accident', or 'worst day of my life'.  But his being there to enjoy the act of the wanton killing of living things who can not defend themselves is beyond reproach.

    Forget your meds and alcohol and rules issues.  He is a heartless killer.  Murderer, if you will.

    •  If it was Cheney's "worst day" ... (none)
      then I wonder how all those dead birds feel about that same day?

      Oh, right.  They don't feel anymore.  They're dead.  'Cause Cheney murdered them.

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