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  •  Early news reports assume that (none)
    there was only one shot discharged, and that it went to Whit's left side, above the heart, around the shoulder and lower chest. Yet a look at Whit's right side of his face makes it seem like there may have been a second shot, which blew by his right shoulder, and left Whit with what looked like lots of blast effect on the right side of his face as well.
       If Whit would release his own medical records, it would go a long way to clearing up some of the forensic questions.
       If two barrels went off, it starts to look a lot less like an accident.  Two trigger pulls on a shotgun? At a six foot guy supposedly dressed in hunter orange, only yards away when the cloth has blazing sightability for most people at a distance of 100 yards? Lots of loose ends on this story, even with a 24 hour head start to try to co-ordinate details.

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