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    I see he had a pretty expensive gun.  Was that a gift?  Did he purchase it?  Whose paying for all the expensive treatment for the victim?  Will Mr Cheney pay for it?  Or us?  When the accident happened,  did they compare which hospital had the best prices? These hypocrite, lieing scumbag repubiclans are stealing our country from all of us.  Do these rich thieves who stole from our treasurey think they will get away with this forever?  The dems or whoever take back this country will need to gitmoize these brave devils.  We need our country back, now.  I am ashamed of this country,  it is run by outlaws.  I had an idea.  American idol is very popular,  maybe we need to nominate a candidate this way?  Someone who has a death wish,  because these scumbags would probably sabotage his or her plane.  We need someone who will kick butt.  Maybe the show can be called "American President".  We have to try something.  If they have another four years,  we are done for.  I feel sorry if the democrats win.  They have such a mess to clean up,  after they trashed this country for eight years.  If and when we win back everything again,  we need to take everything back and more.  We need to punish these low lifes, like they never been punished before.
    •  This highlights a question raised before (none)
      namely that there are questions as to whether lobbyists or corporations are paying, directly or indirectly, for the vee pees recreational expenses, while the taxpayers are picking up the considerable transportation costs to and from these activities. Harper's Magazine, for instance, notes that multi-millionaire Cheney on 7-21-2001 got the Department of the Navy to pay for the electric bill at his residence.
        In addition, it should be noted that these trips seem to occur when there is a matter before the courts, in which Cheney is a litigant. That was the cause celebre with the trip shooting ducks with Scalia in Louisiana, reported 1-17-2003, when the bigwigs flew in on Gulfstream 5's to be guests of Wallace Corline, of Diamond Services Co. This leads to questions that this might be the preferred method of communication when a particularly inconvenient legal matter crops up, often involving the oil industry, Iraq, the CIA or all three. We note for the record also that this trip was to a ranch owned by Halliburton bigwigs, and that Pam Williford's daughter is deputy chief of staff to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an agency that attracted much criticism during the chairmanship of Michael Powell.

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