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View Diary: Alex Jones Shotgun Test Shows Whittington Shot from 15 Feet Away (26 comments)

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  •  The Official Story is 30 yards, 90 feet (none)
    It's a lie, but one that best fits their selected scenario, Cheney swinging on a bird and Whittington "popping up" in the way (notice the gully that crept into the narrative). The closer he is to Cheney the less tenable this scenario is, BUT...

    The wounds inflicted are entirely inconsistent with the gun used at that distance, he was clearly closer to Cheney than they would have us believe, BUT...

    Not as close as this bunch would, for reasons of their own, have us believe.

    Myself, I'm a Member of the Reality-based Community, where the Laws of Physics are still unbroken, and they all say he was about 50' from the gun that shot him.

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