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View Diary: RNC caught threatening their own candidate (40 comments)

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  •  Propositions too (none)
    Are you kidding?  Aren't you looking forward to the measures on today's ballot?
    1. Are you for or against measures that would privatize or END social security?
    2. Are you for or against an amendment to the TX Constitution that would prohibit all future tax increases?
    3. Are you for or against plowing a tractor through the middle of every public school?
    4. Are you for or against the cessation of all public construction and converting the highways into old dirt roads?
    Those last two weren't really on the ballot, but I would sooner vote for them than the first two, which were.  This crap shouldn't even come up in conservative pipe dreams, let alone make the ballot!  I going to be ill if either of them passes.

    The really annoying thing is, if our primary was last week as originally scheduled, these two would have lost in a landslide.

    Honestly, I am looking forward to who might win the Texas 23rd in today's primary.

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