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View Diary: Pirates Plunder California-- Make 5 CALLS now to save it (144 comments)

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  •  {{{ms in la}}} :o) (4.00)
    Let people know they can call through the weekend. I got through to answering machines and was able to leave messages at the 916 numbers.  Since Monday is a holiday, that is two full days (today and Monday) that people can leave messages before  the week starts.  
    •  That's what's funny (4.00)
      I'm sure the Friday evening dump of this information by McPherson on a holiday was intended to let it die out and disappear from the horizon, when in fact it has allowed us even MORE time to rally the troops and stage a full fledged counter attack!


      Yes-  call now, call Monday, call Tuesday.

      •  Thanks , Thanks , Thanks and Thank You (none)
        Ms in LA this is SUCH an important issue; my group sees Bowen as a last chance at sane and safe election here. This despicable Friday dump of Mr. Prostitute errr MacPhersons, will blow up in his scurvy face. Your post is now circulating in the CA for Democracy Lists as well.

        Make the calls!


        Continuing the national debate---People for Change --*help us TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK*

        by MikeHickerson on Sun Feb 19, 2006 at 01:45:07 PM PST

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        •  You're welcome and Thank YOU (none)
          Our main task right now is to keep our mouths and keyboards going and inform inform inform.

          Good on you for moving it through the lists, thanks so much.

          All our voices should be able to move at least THREE state senators to act.

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