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View Diary: Pirates Plunder California-- Make 5 CALLS now to save it (144 comments)

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  •  How do we organize massive exit polling? (none)
    Even paper ballots can be cheated, and it has become clear that rules and laws are being violated in recent elections.

    Massive exit polling may be the only technique left to counter cheating.  It worked in Ukraine, but there was not enough polling in Ohio to presuade a public who are convinced "it can't happen here," despite very persuasive statistical analysis which indicates it almost certainly did.

    What are the rules on doing exit polls?  Do you need to register?  Who can do it?  How do you go about being effective in collecting data?

    I'd love to see at least a pair of people at EACH and EVERY polling place - you and an honest friend who, out of inertia, is still registered R would be great!

    •  CAPE (none)
      California Association of Parallel Elections does great work on this line.

      See my website Who's Counting? and go to the Chapters in the left column, click on "But What Can I Do?" and in that chapter you should find the information on them.

      They basically sit outside the polls and function like a shadow election, polling people as they exit how they voted.  Their results are tabulated ON CAMERA in the open and compared to the actual tabulation.  They look for major discrepancies.  It's just another way to put EYES on the process and bring out of the dark into the light.

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