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View Diary: Pirates Plunder California-- Make 5 CALLS now to save it (144 comments)

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  •  I do believe, (none)
    I asked if it were feasible, and if it were, it would be a cool solution. However, apparently you answered my question. Thanks. It is not, apparently feasible. Only one side is allowed to cheat.
    •  Aargh, yu'r right matey (none)
      only one side is allowed to cheat.

      But like that pesky ring of power (which was evil), truth (which is vituous) has a way of working its way up to daylight no matter how deeply someone tries to bury it.

      We have truth going for us.

      Now we need to compel testimony, to get truth and perjury out into the sunlight. It's our best next step.

      •  Agreed. (none)
        And thanks,Bev, for your tenacity and bravery in dealing with all this "crap." I'm certainly no expert in all the machinations of voting machines, electronic or just a pencil, but there has to be some way to think outside the box on this potential corruption problem. It's to bad some millionaire dude won't come along and offer a huge reward (and safe haven) to anyone who offers absolute proof that the 2000/04 elections were altered in OH and FL. And as I said, if someone genius computer geek could figure out a way to erase the results in an actual election, that should be proof enough of their vulnerability. (And said geek should be prepared to spend some time in the pokey.) The problem is, if someone tells how it was done, like the guy in FL, Martin? is his name, who was asked to rig the machines down there, the MSM just blows him off as a complete nutcase. Even though he passed a lie detector test. Here's hoping the CA people have some integrity.

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