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  •  why do you care? (1.66)
    seriously this is out of control.  Again I dont like Dick Cheney but the bottom line is that it was an accident.  If it was anything but the guy in the hospital would say something.  You can deny deny deny but accidents happen ALL THE TIME with guns.  Yesterday I promise someone in the state of texas was sprayed with a shot.  Cheney is of legal age so I am not sure what him having beer has to do with anything.

    You are acting like ridiculous republicans.  Cheney has done enough bad shit to care about this.....

    "Global deaths due to hunger in one year= 8,760,000"

    by Sausalito on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 05:23:26 AM PST

    •  um (4.00)
      Again I dont like Dick Cheney but the bottom line is that it was an accident.

      Did you actually read the diary? It focuses not on the circumstances of the accident, but the possible reasons that these people would be meeting.

      Cheney is of legal age so I am not sure what him having beer has to do with anything.

      Have I been trolled?

    •  gun accidents (4.00)
      simply do not happen "all the time".

      Take a look at the TX and national statistics before making a claim like that.

      Furthermore, gun accidents with alcohol involved are even more significant - and more statistically rare.

      But more importantly, this diary isn't about who Cheney shot. It's about the backroom wheeling and dealing that went on during that hunt. Cheney was most likely doing "bad shit" at this time.

      Ridiculous Republicans? No - that'd be saying something like "gun accidents happen. He apologized. Nothing else was going on. Move along."

      •  I work in an er.... yes they do..... (none)
        I am sure your desk job though you can pull up the stats.  I work at an ER in alabama.  Accidents and guns happen.  Period.

        "Global deaths due to hunger in one year= 8,760,000"

        by Sausalito on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 10:24:58 AM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  so your single, acedotal experience (none)
          is to be believed above this?

          DavidNYC at Kos points out:

          In Texas, over the last decade, only one hunter in 26,000 has been involved in a hunting accident.
          In 2005, only one in 36,000 was involved in a hunting accident.

          In fact, there were 1.1 million hunting licenses issued in Texas last year but only 30 reported accidents.

          or maybe you know better than this:

          or this

          The organization points out that of 20 million hunters worldwide in 2002, there were 850 total accidents -- less than one per 20,000 hunters -- and 89 fatal accidents.

          NOBODY said that accidents with guns don't happen. But your exaggerated claim - that people get shot every day while hunting - is false on its face. Changing the claim (to "accidents and guns" - as though a drug shooting or drive by is an equivalent) isn't going to help.

          Incidentally, before you presume to lecture me on the basis of what you assume to know about my job -- how many hunter safety classes have you taken?

        •  Then of course you are familiar with stats (4.00)
          from the Alabama Dept. of Health, yes?
          Which in 2004, only counted a total of 31 accidental deaths by firearms in the state. Given that the Alabama Hospital Association lists about 121 Hospitals that belong to their association, that translates into your chance of even being in a hospital on the one day a year that the hospital might handle a gunshot fatality is as follows: 31/121, or about a one out of four chance. Thus the odds are 3 of 4 that you don't see one gunshot fatality all year.
          If you factor in 12 hour shifts, there's an additional 50-50 chance that you weren't on the shift where the patient was treated. If you are on 8 hour shifts, it drops even lower.
              Gunshot fatalities happen, on average, in Alabama about 1 every 12 days. Most are distributed evenly across the age groups 15-54.
              Of course, you are also referring to gunshot wounds. Those statistics were not listed in the top 10 health problems in Alabama.
              Glad you work in the ER, instead of in patient records.
        •  Then you are familiar with Alabama Health Dept (4.00)
          statistics on accidental deaths by firearms--31 per year. Alabama Hospital Association lists 121 hospitals. Thus, with 12 hour shifts, chances are 31 of 242 that you would handle a fatality on any given day of the year in your ER. Basically a 12 percent chance of that happening to you all year.
            Firearms fatalities happen in Alabama about once every 12 days. It seems to be distributed roughly evenly across 10 year age groups from ages 15-54.
            Firearms wounds are not listed among the top 10 health care problems in the state.
            I'm glad you're not reading my prescriptions for me.
          •  hmmm (none)
            wonder how many of those are due to
            a) accidental shootings, nonhunting related
            b) accidental shootings, hunting related
            c) accidental shootings, alcohol related
            d) accidental shootings, nonhunting and alcohol related
            e) accidental shootings, hunting and alcohol related


            At my desk job, I could actually probably figure that out, with just a little more info to feed into the regression analysis. But I think that it's safe to simply say the likelihood of the final option is going to be pretty slim.

    •  hey saus (4.00)
      this game is for real. people are dying and starving due to the policies of these neocons, who enrich themselves by starting wars and stealing your tax dollars and lying about it.

      Any method of bringing them under control and getting them out of power is acceptable. This would include finding out about affairs with cohorts, visits to a brothel, drunk driving, bribery, abuse of donations, anything.

      Who you shinnin for?

    •  Accidents DO happen (4.00)
      Which says that if you have an accident, you reveal it, then move on. Dick didn't do that.

      What I'm suggesting is that the reasons he didn't do that have more to do with the range of people who attended the party than with the accident per se. When people try to hide details of other people they've met with, it usually means something more is going on.

      This is the way democracy ends Not with a bomb But with a gavel -Max Baucus

      by emptywheel on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 05:41:57 AM PST

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      •  great job emptywheel (4.00)
        BTW if you noticed yesterday it was agreed that getting shot in a hunting accident in Texas quailing is approx. 1 in a million. Is that what we mean by "all the time"?
      •  shot from 18 ft max-Alex Jones (4.00)
        The length of an SUV.

        Whittington would've filled Cheney's sight and a
        bird getting between the two would be point blank.

        And Whittington's lead sentence in his obit-
        He was shot by the sitting Vice President.

        And where were Cheney's Blackhawks?

        The bottom line is that it took almost two-and-a-half hours and probably more to get this wounded man to the best trauma center in South Texas. Whittington, of course, is a private citizen. Do you think it would have taken that long if Cheney had been wounded or stricken. It seems like either a case of unequal treatment, or incompetency.

        Lying/Cover up-the reason?-Sex, drugs, or the
        Arrogance of Power.

        •  Let's call a spade a spade here (none)
          there is no proof whatsoever that Cheney was shooting at a bird.

          if between his meds and his drinking, Cheney was a few sheets to the wind, and the sun was in his eyes (which it was), and he didn't know Whit was there, and Whit was coming up out of a draw, making some noise, it is possible Dickie thought he  was a bird or two and just banged at him.

          An election does not make a democracy.

          by seesdifferent on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 11:34:25 AM PST

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          •  But then why did he say (none)
            he watched him fall?  If he couldn't see him when he pulled the trigger, how could he watch (in horror) while the dude made contact with the dirt?
          •  Heard the birds? (none)
            Pix of Cheney shooting in 2002 show him with hearing protection. Assuming it is the high-grade range type, he could hear, and still have his ears protected as the shotgun blast exceeded 85 db. The report does not mention if any others in the party were wearing hearing protection. Whit's face looked pretty yellow all around, and didn't seem to have "tan lines" where there should have been hearing protection.
          •  there is no proof whatsoever that Cheney... (none)
            the only proof we have:

            Cheney shot Whittington no farther than 18 ft.
            It took more than 3 hrs to get Whittington to Hospital.
            Whittington was seriously injured( daughter/morgue).
            Helos available, not used.
            Armstrong and Cheney have lied about everything

            And an aside. a 28 gauge is essentially the same as
            a .410 shotgun?  I wondered why I hadn't heard 28 gauge before.

    •  A Snapshot of the Culture Of Corruption (3.90)
      Why this incident is extremely useful to our side is it gives us a snapshot of the Culture of Corruption that we never would have gotten any other way.
      Only an incident like this will force open the secrecy surrrounding Dick Cheney and all his machinations, the man is the most secretive elected officiaal I have ever seen. And the media allows him to maintain that privacy like no public official ever (Bush gets this also but not so much)
      The incident was certainly accidental but it happened while Cheney was hunting on the ranch of a registered lobbyist!! This may be illegal if she's still doing business with the White HOuse. There's certainly more to look at considering the guest list
      THATS what everyone's trying to hide here.
      but the usefulness goes on here. For decades the Republicans have ragged about Teddy and Chappaquidick--this incident takes the wind out of the saild of the "We're mopre competent than they are" BS of the Reopublicans--all we have to do is holler DUCK!! Cheney's got a shotgun!!
      We should keep this incident fresh in the publics mind because it demonstrates Cheney's competency--he shot a man wearing a bright orange vest and cap--how lame can you get!!


      by exlrrp on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 05:50:27 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

        True. Accidents are inconvenient affairs. Exposing what everyone was doing at the time the accident occurred. I think this line of thought is interesting. I don't give a damn about the accident per se, except that it makes Cheney look like an idiot and possible drunkard.
    •  Rumsfeld cares (none)
      Image hosting by Photobucket

      This photo shows Rumsfeld executing a jujitsu-like movement of his right arm, as he demonstrates at a White House press gaggle how he would defend himself against a Dick Cheney shotgun blast.

      In this earlier comment I speculated as to the whys and wherefores of the Cheney quail hunting fiasco.

      Gimme back my broken night
      my mirrored room, my secret life
      --Leonard Cohen, The Future

      by Tenuous Leemployed on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 02:11:13 PM PST

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