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  •  Yellow Canary, I suppose I'm thinking . . . (4.00)
    of intuitive logic.  All these reporters see and hear things--really damning things--that they don't dare report.

    They all know and have witnessed I am sure, many instances of Mr. Bush's utter lack of capacity for the job he holds.  This is plain common sense.

    We all work in various ways, we see things around us, that we know about because we are in proximity to the same people every day. Thes people see Bush unscripted constantly--do they tell us what he says, of course not.

    So my point is, that what reporters see and hear--what they witness first hand, is far removed from what they report--the bullshit they spout--to the American people.

    •  Absolutely, nyceve (4.00)
      During the Gulf I years, I lived with my sweetheart, a recently former researcher for ABC News--meaning he was one of the guys who would travel to create the stories that anchors would later mangle and deliver.

      The gossip fests were fascinating when we got together with people from that coterie. Most were MSM journalists (magazine and TV). Everyone knew the DC insider stories, including the identities of the president's and VP's lovers. None would have dared written or even insinuated those things that "every person on the Hill" knew.

      It's interesting that even that climate of parallel realities is kept pretty well under wraps.

      I've also heard--here first?--about Karen, Karl, and the code of silence. How unpleasant. That Johnson is Katharine Armstrong's partner in the lobbying business is another good catch.

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