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  •  Personally, I find this line of reasoning (4.00)
    misguided. President Cheney is to be applauded. Allow me to explain:
       We are all well aware that the administration is incapable of making positive efforts on behalf of the American people -- indeed, were it ever to attempt an actual improvement of our lot, they would undoubtedly fuck it up. Alas, we shall never know, as they have no intention of improving anything but the position of the very rich.
       On the other hand, our Republican leaders have proven quite adept at screwing people over. If I were a real American, this would disturb me. But as I am only a Democrat, I spend my time being upset more at the inequitable distribution of negative consequences rather than the evil nature of the policies themselves, since administration policies weigh most heavily on the working classes.
       But now Mr. Cheney has begun to ease my mind. If he wants to go around having a beer and shooting rich Republicans in the face, I say bully for him! It seems a little less efficient than the "deficit reduction" package recently passed by the Republican legislature, which screws over millions at one fell swoop, but remember that there are far fewer rich Republicans than there are working people. I haven't run the numbers, but with a little effort, Mr Cheney could shoot a good number of them in the face before the Holiday Season.

    What's the difference between Vietnam and Iraq? Bush knew how to get out of Vietnam.

    by strandedlad on Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 09:28:55 AM PST

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