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  •  unfortunately, yes.... (4.00)
    It seems that lately, my main job here on DailyKos is fighting homophobic comments and jokes, as well as such notions as "gays aren't really discriminated against", and "democrats shouldn't put their necks on the line for gays, who don't really need it anyway."

    And it makes it even more significant that sometimes, though not always, I find few people to take up the fight with me.  

    •  You and me both (4.00)
      I feeling like I'm the gay cop on this board.  
    •  Tom P (4.00)
      I was lurking in that diary the other evening, and I too was shocked at the attitudes and remarks about gay rights. Perhaps horrified is a better word for my reaction. Not what one expects from a "progressive" blog, or one supposedly in favor of Democratic ideals.

      I was reminded of Dianne Feinstein's comment after Gavin Newsom allowed same-sex marriages in San Francisco. Something to the effect of, "It's just too soon." !!!????

      It is outrageous to believe that it is "too soon" for an entire segment of the population to be afforded their constitutional rights.  The last time one could even remotely make that "argument" was the day before the Constitutional Convention!

      I want to see a lot less triangulating on this issue, with every national and regional Dem standing up for the constitutional rights of everybody. When that happens, well, maybe we'll actually start winning some elections. Upholding constitutional rights of all Americans. Now there's an idea for winning an election.

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